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May 2016
Thu, Apr. 17th, 2008 03:50 am

Bolivia had the cheapest everything. Shopped til I almost dropped in La Paz. The Uyuni Salt flats was an amazing experience.

San Pedro Atacama, Chile was a quaint little town with many artesan shops. Then took a bus to rendevous with old roomie Fons in Antofagasta. He was there for work. Got heatstroke. Camera broke. All in the four days I was there. Then flew into Santiago to meet the rest of the gang. Had Stella Artois at some bar with Chad. Yup, yup, the only beer I drink and there she was in Santiago! Pucon blah. Puerto Varas redeeming. Almost froze my toes off on a hike.

Now, in Bariloche, Argentina. Love it, love it, love it. Had real martinis at some bar last night. And, well, blacked out. Good thing TC was there to carry me up the hill back to the hostel. Off to Buenos Aires tomorrow on a 20 hour night bus. Whew.


Fri, Mar. 14th, 2008 12:38 pm

I got robbed last saturday...my adventurous ass apparently wandered into the worst part of cusco...all of a sudden all these people surrounded me...and I felt something on my side...I held up my wallet and the chick next to me nodded...I tossed it as far as I could and ran as fast as I could in the other direction...they almost got my ipod, too...as she was sticking me her accomplice/s stuck their grubby hands in my bag but only managed to get my headphones...arrrrghhh, I also lost my flash drive as well as my card adapter to those fuckers...Fuck, what happens to kungfu when you need it??? Will have to call travel insurance to see what my theft coverage entails...

The Inca trail to Macchu Picchu was amazing...4 days of hiking, 3 nights of camping in the cold, high altitude...the porters are amazing...only have admiration and pride for the 21 guys who made our group's lives so much easier...getting to Macchu Picchu was truly an amazing mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional experience...first day all nice and easy...2nd day, a steep uphill climb to 4800 meters above sea level to Dead Woman's Pass...3rd day, a scenic, flora filled path only to descend for 2.5 hours on a steep rocky way...I fell, no bones broken, just a bruised ego and a bummed ass...4th day, the Sun Gate...then Macchu Picchu in all her splendor...


Thu, Feb. 14th, 2008 03:23 pm

Venezuela - ok.

Colombia - awesome.

Ecuador - so far...amazing...and still in progress. Going to Coca to spend a couple nights in a jungle lodge in Selva. Gonna check out Banos, Cuenca, then Mancora before heading over to Peru.

Will be hiking the Inca trail the first week of March.

Yippe do!

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Fri, Jan. 18th, 2008 12:20 pm

I accidentally put my baby pillow in the washer along with all the beddings I washed today.

Waaaaahhhhh...she's so soppy wet and tattered.

WTF am I to do?

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I can't live w/o my baby pillow.

Oh, I'm in distress.

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Sun, Jan. 13th, 2008 09:53 pm

my bestfriends...

Lil Chris
Tam & Sean
Mom Dany
Steve & Mom Nakano
my family

for putting up with all my shit
for supporting all my crazy ideas
for saving my ass a million times
for making my life wonderful as can be

I am forever grateful to:

Harry & the boys
Rheena, Mar, Leah & the girls
RS & the Gent gang
J & J Santana
M Jones
Tony P
Spence & those linesteppers
JC (Jefe)
3H gang @ work
John K
Dr Dan
the Narrons
all my roommates
and to all the amazing individuals I've met throughout my journeys...

for their friendship.

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Thu, Jan. 10th, 2008 02:20 am

Spent celebrating the 1st at Al's parents' place in Santa Cruz. It was real nice. D, FTC, and Al's family provided good company as usual.

Went to court Thursday, 1/3. Lucky my ass, the judge who heard my case the week before laid out most of the sentence, and he was real sympathetic and benevolent. But, I was unlucky with this Commissioner McKenna who heard my case this time around.

She questioned and wondered why the CHP, DA and the previous judge decided to let me slide by without charging or addressing my speeding. She was really upset that I was getting all the breaks. So, she got me by sentencing me to serve my Work Release right away, contrary to what Judge Karesh had previously advised. Lucky for me again, he outlined that I only serve 16 hours of work release instead of the usual 32.

No prob. So I thought until my lawyer and I reached the County Clerk's office. They said that the paperwork for the work release does not get to the Sheriff's office in about 2-3 weeks. OMFG! Are you shitting me? I'm leaving in less than 14 days! What was that Commissioner thinking? She said that I could take care of it. Now what?

Well, what do you know...she outlined that if I could not do the work release I could fulfill that sentence by spending 48 hours (instead of the usual 24) in jail.

That's where I've been.

1/7, 4:30 PM, D dropped me off at the Police station. I was booked, spent 9 hours in the waiting room and at 2 AM finally was transported to the Women's Correctional Center where I spent 2 nights and days 'incarcerated' in Dorm C.

My bunkie, Angela (Ange) Liwalhati, is a Swedish woman married to a Filipino man. She's a really nice older lady who took me under her wing.

I met several interesting women in there with varying degrees of crime. Mostly drug abuse, a couple spousal abuse, robberies, petty theft, but mostly drugs.

It was a humbling experience for myself.

I came in there thinking, oh well, two days. Serve my time and then just fuck off.

Every service provided was the bare minimum. Tiny toothbrush, a comb, shower slippers, a styrofoam cup, a pair of canvas/kungfu shoes, the ones without shoelaces, two miniature bars of smelly soap, a couple towels, and blankets. Every garb the color orange, down to the granny panties and socks.

I don't want to wear anything orange in my life ever again.

The food wreaked havoc with my digestive system. I had gas both afternoons after lunching on 'mystery' meat that the ladies call puppy tongue. Ewww.

Packets of mustard and mayo were precious commodities. Slices of bread were traded like cash. You could barter with another inmate to take your cleaning day duties with the proper bribe. You got lots of boiled eggs and you're queen.

Most of the deputies were respectful, but there were some who were downright nasty.

On Mondays the women put in their orders to the commissary. Obviously, if you only rely on the feeding system in this facility, you'd starve. Breakfast at 6 AM, lunch at 11, dinner at 4 PM. Then nothing. Most of these women have been here much longer, and even I, only after two days, are sick and tired of the same crap to eat everyday. No one did promise variety in prison, right?


Shit, it's 3 AM...I should really sleep. I have a long day tomorrow.

I'm really happy to be free.

I got something so valuable out of this experience.

A different perspective on freedom. I've far, too long, have taken for granted how fortunate I am. How vulnerable and precious individual freedom is. I realized how friendship, loyalty, trust, and compassion could seem so basic, but conducive to every man's survival.

I appreciate my life so much more.

I have my freedom.

I have my dreams.

I have my trip.

I have my friends.

I can enjoy the sun.

I don't have to wish.

I don't have to regret.

I just have to live.

I just have to appreciate.

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Sun, Dec. 30th, 2007 05:13 pm

Happy Birthday to me.

Officially 33 years old at 5:24 A.M.

Whoa, I've lived about a 1/3 of my life expectancy...that is if I hope to live to be a century old.

Love the day, can't say much about partying.

I'm going to take a few shots of vodka and go for a jog. Just for old times sake...

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Thu, Dec. 27th, 2007 11:49 pm

Trip is under way. I just sent my passport to VisaHQ to get my Bolivian visa. $100 for the visa and $75 for shipping and fees.

There's another $100 I'm expected to shell out for Brazil sometime during my trip. Likely will get it in Chile.

The pack has been packed, repacked, readjusted, unpacked, unsnapped, tested, and lugged around. Can't really do much at this point. Hopefully, I have everything I need. Traveling light seems a bit of a challenge on this trip. Like c'mon, gimme a break, I am taking off for 5 months after all.

My holidays have been great. I had dinner with the Nakanos last Friday. I went out with Greg, who was up from LA to be with his family in Morgan Hill, Saturday night. Sunday, dinner with the gang and the pets. Monday, dinner with my Aunt and Uncle in Fremont, then Christmas day I went to the Bowens and joined Tam and her family for a yummy lunch.

My favorite roomie, Alfonso, is moving out this weekend. Coincidentally, he's moving to San Jose and his apartment is only 5 minutes from D's place! Will miss him. He's been my jogging partner since I've gone unemployed.

The judge and DA had asked for me to be at court next Friday. My lawyer, Leo P. Reilly called me yesterday to discuss this update, and then again, today. He brought up the same news, repeated himself numerous times, lost track of what he was blathering about that incredulously, I began to think, and believe, he might've been on crack.

In 3 days, I'll be 33.

In 23 days, I'll be in South America.

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Fri, Dec. 14th, 2007 12:39 am

Got laid off today.

My last day is tomorrow...since our site's company holiday party is transpiring tomorrow night...and I single-handedly put the whole shindiggy do together...it's proper I be there, or well be around to host it.

Don't have to show up for work beginning Monday. Paid in full until the end of the year. Granted 2 more weeks, paid. Then cash out on my 54 hours of accrued vacation.

Tamela, a best friend, anyone should wish for. And, only a few very fortunate, ungrateful bastards, like myself, could only imagine or dream of having...and I have one. I'm one lucky, unlucky bitch. I've my Tamela for the last 17 years of my life. Imagine and writhe in envy at that!!!

A ton off my shoulders. Now, I can concentrate on prepping for 'The Trip.' I can go see my loved ones and not shaft them with leftover time from work or other activities. I can sleep late and wake up to go jogging at the track near my place (I've only ran there once...pathetic).

A vacation before my vacation.

Thank you, oh Divine Intervention.

You seem to always keep giving me a chance at everything I can make a wonderful way of fucking up.

Hope to the ignorant hopeless.

Might as well.

Life is so fucking wonderful.

And, I fucking mean it with all my fucking might.

And, sober ounce.

Love ya, Tam. I'm gonna go emo tonight, and thank goodness, I'll wake up sober tomorrow and get a grip...

Life is good. My life is good. My friends make my life good.

That's all the good this good old world needs.

Ah yes, with some sick foreboding, I'd in the last couple of weeks seen the doc and travel clinic to deal with all the shots needed for 'The Trip.'

While at it...I've requested Doc to also get my usual results. You know, the cholesterol and etc kind...

Last week, I had tetanus, rabies, flu, yellow fever, polio shots. This week more rabies, and some malaria pills.

My immune system's been working double time, and I can f-ing feel it. Fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

My cholesterol is down from 164 (0806) to 159, this time around (<239 being optimal). My HDL (good cholesterol) sadly is down, from 77 (0806) to 63 (>45 being optimal). WTF.

I seriously hope that just has a lot to do with my weakened system. Or, I need to cook w/ more EVOO or something.


Sun, Dec. 9th, 2007 06:09 pm

FTC, D and the boys picked me up today to go to Half Moon Bay. It's that time of the year to visit that Christmas tree farm. FTC always has a tree. Max and Jr. had a ball. They peed everywhere, but not on the tree of choice.

I've just been busy. I have holiday parties to plan for work, at least three. The potluck done last Friday. This coming Friday (12/14) is our official Holiday party. Then the following Tuesday, a luncheon.

I have at least a month to shed my holiday lard-ass before my trip. Gosh, imagine me huffing and puffing up Macchu Picchu.

DUI is coming along. My lawyer finally got a copy of the police report. I blew a .084 the first time, then .087 the next, and the blood test at the facility resulted in a .09. He advised that this is the closest case he had all year. Blood alcohol rising can be used on my defense. Looks like a Wet Reckless is the best reduced sentence in my case.

He said he has to review my case because there might be a slight chance that he can get my case dismissed.

I've spent way too much $ on Xmas presents. And, I've been liberal with purchasing trip supplies. Shit, I might as well enjoy my $ while I still can.


Wed, Nov. 21st, 2007 12:49 am

when that day has come...

you will not remember me today...

but will think of me tomorrow.


Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007 12:23 am

Done...with CL. Sick and tired of being berated all the time. He always acts and talks as if he's God Almighty.

I tried...to be friends, but he's made it such a challenge.

Some drunk hit and ran on him last Saturday, and for some reason he's pissed off and wants to take it out on someone. Given the fact that I just got a DUI myself, he feels it's just to take it out on any drunk driver.

Tonight, he's had it. Again.

And, tonight, I'm severing all ties.

Jilted, ya thunk?


Man, still don't know what my blood test results are. I've called San Mateo Court many times. They still have not received my files.

Might have to stay for a bit after my S. American trip to serve my sentence. If it's a .1 then there are the fines, at least $1600, 4 months (32 hrs) of First Offenders Program classes, and 40 hours of community service or 1 day in jail. I'm really leaning towards the latter. I'll pick a day like Tuesday and sit in some cell. 40 hours of community service seems steep and I have to pony up $45/day for that option.

Lawyer is a flat fee of $2500. Ouch!

$5K for all these. I might be kissing my Australia, and possibly, India trips goodbye.


Goodbye was CL's last text/words.

Goodbye is mine, too.

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Wed, Nov. 7th, 2007 05:18 pm

The worst one...ever!

I got busted for another DUI.

I only had a glass of wine at a friend's house and was driving home.

I was totally hysterical and in disbelief. Begging and pleading with the CHP to let me go.

Is this possible? Can one person get cited for two DUIs in less than a week?

He goes, "Sorry, but yes, and we have to confiscate your Ad Per Se document."

Yet again, they didn't tow the car. It was either Dan or Brian who was in the car with me. And, they let them drive it and me home.


Fast forward...I'm on my way somewhere. And, I'm driving. Without a license or any permission. My driving privileges all revoked, yet there I was in the P again...risking and pushing my ill fated luck.

My friend Bobby, who I met in China, was waiting for me at some construction site. He's excited to see me. Tells me that his employer is this rich, Turkish developer and that this is an apartment building he's overseeing.

There is a secret elevator that took us up to the "Suite Loft" where Bobby's to reside until all is done. The loft being fully constructed and furnished, while the rest of the building is under construction, is baffling, but this is a dream, right?

Anyway, it turns out that Andy, who was Bobby's roommate when we were in China, was also staying there. I was overjoyed to see both of them. Bobby told me that they want me to stay with them. That I won't need to drive because everything I needed was there. Lot's of booze.

With that 2nd DUI this was something redeeming.

Then, I say to them, "Let's go to the store and get groceries. I want to take the Porsche for one last drive, show you guys why I totally love this car and can't say no to speeding in it..."

We get in her. I turn the ignition, shifted, gaining speed.

I look to my left and there were a gang of guys waving frantically at us.

The Porsche zips past them, as I glance at the speedometer, reading 125.

"Slooooooowwwwww dooooooownnnnnnn cheeeeeeck..." One guy's voice trails behind.

I look up and "Oh, fucking holy shit!"

There was a line of cars at a mandatory check point.

I swerve to avoid hitting the last car in line.

Downshifting, the P slinks into to a complete stop, inches behind the line at the stop sign, parallel to a car whose driver is being administered a breathalyzer test by a San Jose police officer.

The officer turns around and shoots me, with the most piercing green eyes, a look indicating that I don't even dare move.

My extreme panic at this point was compounded by the sight I saw in my rear view mirror. A bunch of female cops were running to surround the car.

Andy and Bobby, their eyes bulging, murmuring, "Oh man, they're all women and they're all hella smokin' hot!"

The tears started to rain down, overflowing and blinding me...

My life is so fucking over. I'm so fucking dead. I'm so going to jail for sure.

I begged. I pleaded. I groveled. I reasoned. I gave it my all.

"That isn't going to work with us, young lady." The finest one of them says to me.

She writes the ticket, hands it to me, opens my door, as she reached behind her, to what I only know too well...for a pair of handcuffs.


I open my eyes.

I hear Mal close the bathroom door and turn on the shower.

I'm drenched in sweat.

My throat is bone dry.

I feel like vomiting.

My cell phone rings.

I pick it up.

It's my credit card company.

They want to know if I authorized a charge from an ('my') attorney.

I say yes, please approve it.

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Fri, Oct. 19th, 2007 01:15 am

Went to Las Vegas this past weekend...to join up w/ Jeff and visit Spencer.

Spence and Jeff are bestfriends.  I met them during my short stint at JCrew back in 2003. 

They are the only two people in this world who I admire when it comes to partying and inebriation.

They defy cool.  I swear...I think they are impervious to hangovers!

I had a blast reuniting with them.  Never drank so much like this since I reigned as the foreigner 'zui le' in Beijing.


I met someone.  But, they're gone now.  I don't know why I'm cursed when it comes to meeting ideal men.  They just come and go farther and farther away.

I'm besieged and afflicted with self-doubt once again.  Why can't I just trust that he likes me and ain't up to something?

Ack, I'm leaving soon.  I must not waver and be influenced!


I finally got my Osprey travel pack trial packed.  At the moment it has about 25 pounds in there.  Guaranteed it will climb to about 35-40 lbs after I pack in my liquid necessities.  Shampoo, lotions, contact lense solution, vodka.  Yup, vodka.  Haha.


I can float and froggle paddle under water, but I'm finding the actual swimming a bit challenging.  The coach says it's good that I can hold my breath underwater for quite a long time.  I'd make a good diver.  Well, I need to know how to swim away from the piranhas not stir them up.


I found and got LinkedIn to CD.  I remember how much of a mindfuck he was back in 2002.  I hope he's still married.


Suz is getting hitched next week.   I'm so happy for her and Sam.  They sure do complement each other.  Suz sure has this sense of calmness around her and she glows when he's around...


I'm starting to miss a lot of special people in my life.  The next three months will be frenzied with catching up, reconnecting, and spending quality time with those who have supported me forever.

Must see the Boogers this weekend.  I have not seen them in a couple of weeks.

Must see:
Tita Bopeep
Mother & Ken
Ate Mar

Have seen:
the Boo-boos
Mom Dany
Jeff Chaff
The Girls
Lil Chris

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Thu, Sep. 27th, 2007 04:53 pm

My trip to S. America is guaranteed to depart. I've decided last minute to enroll in a budget tour. Not bad, it'll cover all the places I want to go.

I'm set to depart Sunday, January 21, 2008. Arrive Caracas, Monday the 22nd. Going counter-clockwise - Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and then Brazil. Hitting Macchu Picchu on my 47th day. Returning on June 16, 2008.

A rough 5 months.


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Sun, Sep. 16th, 2007 05:04 pm

It has been a longer time in between. I know. I've been musing over a post for quite a while now. All the more since, I have been occupied with a whole lot of nothing. Just awaiting and passing the time away.

My relationship with the closest ones are being tested, strengthened, and at times decimated. Then there's that feeling...gripped with the fear of self-loathing and aimlessness. Nevertheless, this too shall pass.

I have been doting on matters devoid of any worth. But one does need these things sometimes. Part of being well rounded. Rotund, retard. Petard. Haha. Funny how one word can evoke a torrent of others.

Jonas, Thomas's brother, who is staying with us in T's stead (who's vacationing in Sweden) has been my partner in crime lately. A trip to REI was made yesterday, and I was enabled to purchase my backpack of choice for the mother of them trips I'm to partake on next year. I've come away with an Osprey. Was really digging all the mesh, breathable material and amenities it came equipped with. Less sweaty Betty is groovy.

Hmm, sex life has come to a deathly lull. Meager pickings? Not even! I am afraid that I've lost big chunk of desire for the opposite sex. There is no such thing as an intelligent beefcake who isn't a flake.

Went to spend Labor Day with Mom Dany and her family. I had oodles of fun like the usual. And lots, of Stoli Dole's and beef brisket.

Four more months. I must exercise and ready myself mentally for my trip. It must be time once again...to leave every thing. Time to walk away from it all. Time to start packing. Time to pause and hide. Time to set and go. Oh yey!

The lovely stink of it all.

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Wed, Sep. 12th, 2007 02:08 pm

I've finally came around to signing up for Swim classes. To commence on 10/03/07. Four sessions. And, probably more.

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Mon, Aug. 27th, 2007 01:57 am


I am going

I wonder

To hide from yesterday

To run from today

I see tomorrow

Without you

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Wed, Aug. 22nd, 2007 11:14 am

My Mom Dany, she just e-mailed...

Said she received a Costa Rican postcard from me the other day.

August 21, 2007 - yesterday.

April - mid-May, 2007 - trip to Costa Rica.

Asked if this was the original or did I send her a new one.

From the US? No way! I wouldn't perpetrate like that!

Pura Vida, indeed!

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Sun, Aug. 19th, 2007 01:21 am

I'm full of shit.

I talk too much.

And my most egregious mistake is that I hardly ever think before I say.

I just blurt things out and by the time realization sets in, the damage has been done.

If I have nothing nice to say, I shouldn't say anything, my Mom Dany, once told me.

That should be my mantra from the moment I wake up.

Fucking, I never learn.

I really hurt one of my good friends tonight.

That could've been prevented if I just for one fucking friggin minute thought about the repercussions.

Dogamnit! Someone should take me out to pasture and shoot me. Put me out of being everyone else's misery.

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